Meet with Ivana, founder of Grenier de Trucs

Ivana Facundo is Spanish, from Barcelona. After having worked in the production and advertisement for many years, she decided to go back to an architecture, interior design and decoration school. In 2012, she moved to Paris, and started a new life in France.

It’s in 2013 that she created Grenier de Trucs, a furniture and vintage design online store. She rapidly became famous to Net surfers, especially on Facebook and Instagram, for her original world and unusual products.

“The idea was to collect and restore old objects by giving them a modern twist. I hunt “things” in junk shops, even in the streets!”

Ivana knows how to identify objects that will have a value or a story to tell. Usually, vintage products are expensive. But what she offers on Grenier de Trucs remains affordable.



“I like to twist the original use of the product, to give it a new meaning. It’s also a way to surprise and to arouse people’s curiosity.”

She designed her logo, created her website and became a photographer without anybody’s help. She finds, restores and sends orders… and she works in a duo on the website communication. “I’ve always loved to work manually, I am disposed to do everything on my own! I don’t have any training in restoring, but I am very curious and I find a lot of information on the Internet. It arouses my curiosity!”

Ivana believes that objects have a story. Her work is to carry on the story of the objects she finds. “What is interesting for me is that the object is not produced anymore. A vintage object has a story, a different charm, and adds something to a decoration.”


Ivana moved in her new apartment two months ago, in the Epinettes area, in Paris 17th. It has an oldwooden floor, on the 6th floor with a nice view on the roofs of Paris.

“At home, I mix old and new. However I never buy in department stores. I am against mass production. My apartment is also a showroom. Buyers from Paris can discover the objects and furniture that are sold on the website in my apartment.

Her door is always open! And the design of her place is alwayschanging according to the new “things” she finds, the sold objects and her desires. “I like the idea that my place is always changing. I set up plants everywhere. It matches very well with the vintage furniture, that is often in wood.”


Aromatic plants and geraniums on the windows’ ledges, water plants in the bathroom, fig tree, and palm tree in the living room… She has everything. “When I find a plant on the street, I take it. I cannot imagine its life ending in a bin!” In fact, Ivana gets away from the bin as much as she can. “The idea of Grenier de Trucs is to buy second-hand objects in good conditions, more than buying a new object. I apply this philosophy for a lot of things: furniture, deco objects, but also household appliances, clothing, accessories. Every time I need something, I always check if I can have it in second-hand. I ask a friend, I look on the Internet, I investigate!”


For Ivana, recycling is more than a business, it’s a way of living. It’s something that she tries to apply in her every day life. “For me, having BACSAC products at home is part of this philosophy. Products are strong, we can keep them for a long time. I am very sensitive to their recycling aspects. And moreover they are good for the plants!”

“I like the design of the brand, these products change from ordinary plastic pots and window boxes. I like the fact that colors adapt to different deco. Products are flexible and adjustable: it’s very convenient to move them, even in unusual places.”


Her only regret is not to have a balcony or a terrace. In Paris, places with both are rare, but she will not give up. “ I would love to have a kitchen garden! Right now the idea of sharing kitchen gardens is interesting, I am inquiring in order to do it soon. It is an approach to having a united district which implies sharing, and I like it.”

“I hope I will have my own kitchen garden when I’ll have children. To teach them how to work with the soil, how to grow plants and vegetables. It’s part of raising a child. It’s important to be aware as soon as possible that we have to respect the environment, it’s our role as parents to teach that to our children.”




Find and hunt rare pieces, unusual objects and design “things” in the website Grenier de Trucs. Follow Ivana on her Instagram account, already very well appreciated.

Keep a sharp eye; Ivana works regularly with the REcyclerie and the Brocante Lab for vintage events, which are nice opportunities to meet her in person!

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