Inspirational Garden Sarek: How to associate BACSAC’s colors


Round pot (100L) Geotextile, 63.50€
Round pot (25L) Azur, 59€
Little window box (8L) Saint-Jacques Stone, 47€
Hanging window box 3 (25L) Paris Zinc, 90€
High kitchen garden 4 (210L) Asphalte, 195€


Discover our advice on how to associate BACSAC’s colors

In order to help you create a colorful and design vegetal atmosphere, BACSAC created “trendy guidelines” inspired by gardens of the world. Discover the three families of colors: the classic ones, the bright ones and the subtle ones.
Then make up your vegetal space on a balcony, a terrace or a garden, following our advice.


gamme couleur bacsac anglais

Inspirational Garden: Sarek’s park in Sweden

Welcome in one of the most beautiful national park of Sweden! A pure and contrasting landscape, where mountains, rivers, vegetation and eternal snow mix together. The turquoise and clear Rapaätno river crosses the landscape, and the glacier feeds into it. The park is nowadays designated a World Heritage by the UNESCO for its preserved Nature.

It is a virgin, pure and uninhabited landscape. The bright and cold colors are the inspiration of the park. In a garden, Sarek comes out as an opposition between light and dark colors, with touches of light. This inspiration of colors will perfectly fit a contemporary or a classic atmosphere, with noble materials like dark or light marble.


BACSAC’s association of colors

Mix together classical colors with one bright color.
For a set of five colors:  choose the Asphalte and the Géotextile as main colors, and the Paris Zinc, Saint-Jacques Stone and Azur as intermediary colors.
For a set of three colors: choose the Géotextile as the main color, the Saint-Jacques Stone as the intermediary one, and the Azur for touches of colors.

jardin inspiration du monde bacsac park sarek sweden gamme couleur sélection coloris

jardin inspiration du monde bacsac park sarek sweden gamme couleur paysage


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