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How to create an account? 

Welcome to BACSAC’s eshop! To create an account go to “My account”, fill the required information and save. Of course everything will stay between you and BACSAC. We will not tell anyone!

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First case: you already have an account. Second case: you are a sleepwalker. If you forgot the password associated with this email, click on “password lost”. You will receive an email to reset your password. 

I forgot my password

Aren’t you a little scatterbrain? No problem, click on “forgot my password”. You will receive an email to reset your password. 

I want to change my personal information

1. Go to your account. 2.Click on “My personal information”. 3.Click on “Change my personal information”. Now you can enter your new information (password, address…). Don’t forget to save. 

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What a brilliant idea! To receive our news, enter your email on the footer of any page. We swear not to invade your mailbox, only your garden! 

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You can click on the link at the bottom of any of our newletters to unscribe. You will no longer receive BACSAC’s newsletter. 


What is the Geotextile fabric?

This 100% recyclable fabric, lets the soil breathe and the excess of water go through. It is UV-proof. It is used in landscaping to protect the soil of the weather and weeds. 

What is the Batyline fabric?

This fabric is made in France,mostly used to manufacture outdoor furnitures. It is very resistant, 100% recyclable, permeable, UV-proof. A wonder both technique and design, that declines in many colors. 

What are the benefits of the felts inside our bags? 

All BACSACs are made with several intern layers of protective and absorbent felts. This layering protects the roots and redistributes the water 360° in the pot to keep the plants fresh. 

What temperature can a BACSAC resist?

Your BACSAC is a great adventurer and resists extreme temperatures (22°/+158° F)!

Are the BACSAC waterproof?

BACSAC’s fabrics respect the balance of the plant. They are permeable: when water overflows (heavy rains or over-watering), it will avoid your plant to drown.

Do I need to put a drainage layer in the bottom?

No need! Put directly soil and plant on your BACSAC. 

What kind for soil do I put in my BACSAC?

You can use a normal soil, without concern.

Can I install my BACSAC indoors?

Since all BACSACs are permeable, you would need to protect the floors from possible water leaking. We suggest to use a pot plat. 

How many years can my BACSAC live?

The first BACSAC still look really good. We guarantee 5 to 8 years for the Geotextile fabric and 7 to 10 years for the Batyline fabric, depending on weather conditions and use. Be careful: cutter and microwave are not considered “basic manipulation”! 

How heavy is my BACSAC?

Tricky question! The smallest weigh 0.33 pounds and the heaviest weight 8.8 pounds. Packed-up, it directly goes to your mailbox!

How to maintain my BACSAC?

A slight maintenance is enough if you do it regularly: simply wash with water and brush! On the straps use an anti-scale products (best if it’s organic).

What BACSAC size do I have to choose for my plant?

You need to choose a size that is twice bigger than the size of the root ball. Think big!

When do I have to repot my plant in a new BACSAC?

When you notice the roots are forcing on your BACSAC, it’s time to get a bigger one! 

How to use your composter bag BACSAC?

Put a bit of soil at bottom of your composter: it will stabilize the bag and help the process to start. Then feed it with food waste. After nearly 2 months, you already can collect your compost.

You have a doubt about what kind of waste you could put on your composter bag? Don’t panic, read our little composter guide and sleep soundly.


How to add an item in my shopping bag?

Select the item you want, pick a color, a size and a quantity. Click on “add to bag”. Your item will belong in your shopping bag without time limit. Do like Nature, take your time. 

The item I want can’t be added to my shopping bag

Check that you have correctly filled the color, size and quantity. Maybe this item is out of stock. Don’t worry you can keep an eye on it. Create an alert to know when this BACSAC will be available. 

What happen if I don’t check in my order?

Your shopping bag will wait for you to come back on

Oops, I made a mistake in my order…

Throw our computer out the window is not the right thing to do. Contact our customer service (mail or phone), with the number of your order. We will try to find a solution. We can change your order only with an item available in stock.
NB: your order can only be changed if we didn’t send it already. You can ask for payback in that case, look in the payback section. 

OGM my bank just called, I’m broke, I want to cancel!

Shopping addict? Contact now our customer service (mail or phone) with the number for your order. We’ll find a solution.
NB: your order can only be change if we didn’t send it already. You can ask for payback in that case, look in the payback section.

How to use my discount code or voucher?

You are lucky to have a discount code or credit! When you complete your shopping bag, you can fill “discount code / voucher” fill. The total order will automatically change. 

My discount code or voucher doesn’t work…

A touchy discount code or voucher? Every discount code and voucher has an expiration date, check it. Also check the writing (capital, number…). If the problem goes on, contact us.

I didn’t receive the confirmation email of my order

Check your spams mailbox, maybe is playing hide and seek. If you don’t find it, contact our customer service to make sure your order has been registered. 


Is the online payment secure? 

Of course, you can pay online blindfolded.

How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card (VISA, CB or Mastercard). We don’t accept any other payment. 

When is my bank account charged?

As soon as you check out your order, your bank account has validated the payment. 

Why is a payment rejected?

If that happens, please contact your bank. 


Where does BACSAC deliver? 

We deliver to France, every country of the European union and Switzerland. Check the list here.

How long does my order take to get home?

All the orders are send from Paris by Colissimo. The shipping takes 3 days for France and 6 to 10 days for Europe.

How much are the shipping cost?

The prices change depending on the country. Here a table of prices.

Free shipping for France from 200€.

Where does my order arrive?

Directly to your home sweet home! 

I wish to change the delivery address after my check out

Since you already checked out, you have to contact our customer service (email or phone) with the number of your order and the new delivery address.
NB: we can’t change the delivery address if the order has already been sent. 

I’m counting and my order is still not here…

If you don’t receive your order past the delivery notice, contact our customer service (email or phone) with the number of your order. We’ll open an investigation!


I have received a different order than the one I made

It could be our mistake, sorry about it! Please contact us (mail or phone) to find a solution. 

How can I return an item?

You have ordered a wrong item, don’t worry. You have one month after receiving your product to return it to BACSAC. 

We either pay back the returned item or give you a voucher (same amount than the price of the item). You have one year to use that voucher on our eshop. 

I want to change my item (color/size).

We don’t change the items. You return it, and we edit a voucher for you to choose an item you like most.

How many days do I have to wait to get my voucher/reimbursement?

Our customer service will contact you by email, within 5 days after we receive your return order. You will receive then a confirmation email with the voucher or the reimbursement

If I return my order, do I have to pay for the delivery?

Yes, you pay for the delivery and return shipment charges. Except if we did a mistake with your order. In that case we will pay the return charges.