Rooftop garden with BACSAC® by GardenStudio Bologna, the landscape agency of Michel Pasqualini Galliani and Elisabetta Cavrini

GARDENSTUDIO Bologna - Landscape agency in Italy

For nearly thirty years, Michel Pasqualini Galliani and Elisabetta Cavrini cultivate plants in their own nursery, experiment in their garden, study and travel, always with the desire to enrich themselves professionally and to be able to propose innovative, rational and environmentally friendly solutions: their projects are not so wide but always with good ideas. They [...]

Laboratoire d'herboristerie by BACSAC x Paris Design Week 2017

BACSAC® x Paris Design Week 2017

During the Paris Design Week 2017, BACSAC® transforms its showroom into a real herbal laboratory. Plants to heal, plants to drink, plants to perfume, plants to infuse… a superb staging imagined to make everyone learn the simple gestures and the appropriate tools to grow the plants in your own garden or balcony. Get a glimpse [...]

Les plantes anti moustiques, guêpes et mouches

Plants that repel mosquitoes, flies and wasps naturally

Nature is nothing but full of wonders. Not only does it bring flavour and sweetness to our stressful everyday lives but above all it protects us. No need to take out your fly paper or your good old fly swat: some plants actually keep insects away thanks to their smell. Here is a succinct selection [...]

Nos astuces pour arroser ses plantes pendant les vacances

How to water your plants while you're away?

Holidays are finally here and let’s face it: the call of the sea is hard to resist! But like everyone else, leaving your corner of nature to a mild weather seems like a risky bet. If you can’t bring your vegetable garden with you – like we do! – we have listed below a few [...]

Nos 5 méthodes préférées pour fabriquer son propre insecticide naturel

How to make your own natural insecticide?

You have managed to turn your balcony into a real paradise, a haven of peace that helps you reconnect with earth and nature. But like all gardeners, you have to fight against diseases and insects that invade it and most of all jeopardize it… The easiest way would be to buy chemical insecticides at the [...]

Article meilleures applications pour le potager

Best gardening apps: our selection

Ask the question, everyone will tell you: the vegetable you grow yourself are even tastier. Planting a vegetable garden may look like an insurmountable task for the neophyte, almost like a fantasy. You have just bought your colored Bacsac pots and planters, you are finally ready to throw yourself into gardening… but you just can’t [...]